Kemon, Actyva, Bellessere Oil

Kemon, Actyva, Bellessere Oil

How does it work?

Bellessere Oil from Actyva series is a highly concentrated hair nourishing oil. It is also called Nectar of Beauty. Inspiration for Kemon brand were the Mediterrenian traditions of hair care.

Luxurious combination of oils in Actyva Bellessere Oil is suitable for all kinds of hair.

Kemon, Actyva, Bellessere Oil:

  • affects hair condition in a positive way,
  • regenerates and rebuilds hair structure,
  • strengthens hold of hairdos,
  • has protective working,
  • provides softness and smoothness,
  • restores natural shine to strands.

What is in the composition?

The oil does not contain any substances that are responsible for weighting hair down nor causing irritations. The composition of Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil is based on a formula developed thanks to three plant oils, which are enriched with natural substances of anti-oxygenating action and softening ingredients. The composition of Kemon oil is based on:

  • regenerating argan oil,
  • nourishing linseed oil,
  • moisturizing African palm tree oil.

What is the performance assessment?

Actyva Bellessere Oil by Kemon is a product of light formula. The consistency of the cosmetic provides easy application, immediate outcomes as well as fast absorption. The flavour of the product is subtle. Some consumers claim that the scent stimulates senses by working similarly to aromatherapy.

When it comes to the efficiency of the product, the consumers are unanimous – the product is considered as highly efficient. What is more, it can be applied in three ways: before shampooing, after shampooing and after hair styling. Just a few drops are enough to coat all hair evenly.

ADVANTAGES: effectiveness, high efficiency, natural substances, safe composition, light formula

DISADVANTAGES: short-term effects