Tamanu oil

tamanu-oilNatural cure to all skin problems is tamanu oil. It eliminates inflammations common, e.g. for acne skin or atopic eczema. It finds use also in hair care of damaged and dry hair that require regeneration and strengthening. It travelled to us from the islands on Pacific Ocean and it immediately won over all women with its action.

Introduction of tamanu oil should start with explanation concerning where this oil come from. Calophyllum plants are common on Madagascar, in the South Asia, islands on Pacific Ocean and in the South America. There, tamanu oil was first, while today its popularity reached every corner of the world.

Exotic cure – tamanu oil

This is the most frequently recommended oil for acne skin due to strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties and stimulation of the tissue to regenerate. Tamanu oil is irreplaceable, entirely natural cure. What else can it do?

Tamanu oil in conditioning

Pure tamanu oil perfectly absorbs in skin, provides elasticity, moisture and nourishment restoration. It regenerates, improves skin condition and prevents premature ageing. On top of this, it can improve resilience of body cells towards harmful factors. Prevents blackheads, so it is often used as an addition to skincare cosmetics, e.g. face creams.

What is tamanu oil action on hair?

Tamanu oil can be used freely for rubbing in scalp and hair. However, it needs to be wash down, because this oil is quite thick and greasy. On top of all that, oil has intense scent and dark brown colour. It is recommended for problematic hair, like dandruff, follicles inflammations, excess hair loss and baldness. Tamanu oil:

  • regulates sebum secretion in scalp,
  • prevents frizz,
  • strengthens and nourishes weak and fine hair,
  • emphasises natural coil,
  • smoothers, provides gloss and makes combing easier,
  • protects hair ends against split ends.