Argan Oil

Argan Oil is a magic hair rejuvenating elixir which owns multitude of unique action. It is used not only for hair care but also as a remedy for many ailments. However, in this article let us focus on the healthful influence of Liquid Gold of Morocco on hair structure only.

What should be known about Argania Spinosa oil treatment?

Argan-OilWhat type of hair can be treated with Argan Oil?

Hair porosity level has become quite an issue recently. As it has been known by now, oils should closely correspond with hair structure. This is crucial since mismatching oils might not only be less effective but also, in some cases, they may make hair condition even poorer. When it comes to Argan Oil, its great asset is that it can be applied to every type of hair without exceptions. In short, Argan Oil will regenerate high porosity hair, nourish medium porosity hair and provides protection to low porosity hair.

Why should Argan Oil be applied?

Gold Argan Oil is an excellent plant extract which counteracts almost every problem that hair might affected with. This natural cosmetic nourishes and moisturizes scalp, eliminates dandruff, relieves irritations as it successfully facilitates fighting against such ailments like psoriasis, eczema and other. Hair treated with Argan Oil becomes stronger, healthier, smoother and soft. In short, oil extracted from Argania Spinosa tree is a solution to all hair problems.

Nanoil argan oil

Best, pure, natural:

Nanoil Argan Oil

How do you know you got fine-quality argan oil? Surely, the Ecocert seal helps make the right choice – only high-class products bear this very mark. Argan oil in Nanoil product fulfils strict requirements. It is 100-percent pure, unrefined, cold-pressed, therefore it conceals all that’s valuable in Argania spinosa nuts. Argan oil is made of:

  • 80% unsaturated fatty acids (mostly omega-6 and -9)
  • vitamin E
  • plant sterols (phytosterols)
  • squalane
  • carotenoids
  • butyrospermol
  • over 100 active substances in total

Nanoil Argan Oil gets great opinions among happy consumers. It owes its popularity to the variety of uses as well: it works on all hair types as intensive oil treatment, as well as acts as exclusive, nutrient-rich, all-natural anti-wrinkle, revitalizing serum for face and body. Argan oil is an irreplaceable eye serum; its regular application smoothes skin and delays signs of aging. It adds amazing shine and repairs damaged hair, keeps hair from falling out and boosts growth, as well as strengthens nails, treats cellulite and stretch marks.

This simple bottle holds a wide range of drugstore beauty products so argan oil can be justifiably called a premium product from the Mother Nature’s pharmacy.

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Is Argan Oil applied externally only?

It is believed that Argan Oil has to be applied on skin and hair. Just a few know that Argan Oil can be used as food oil too. Hair care can be enriched with Argan Oil working from the inside using it, obviously in its pure form, for cooking as well.

How much of Argan Oil should be applied to hair?

The quantity of Argan Oil that should be applied to hair has no limitations. The amount is defined by our needs, hair problem and by the length of strands. This oil does not weight hair down and is easy to remove.

How long should Argan Oil be left on hair?

Rule of applying Argan Oil is simple – the longer the oil is kept on hair, the better. When it comes to other oils, there is the risk of making hair flat. Furthermore, some oils might do more harm to strands than actually perform any healing action. Argan Oil is light so it can be left on even overnight.

Is Argan Oil safe?

Argan Oil is a one-hundred-percent safe product. Various researches have proven that application of Argan Oil does not cause any side effects nor increases the risk of irritations, allergies, etc.

How to apply Argan Oil?

As it was mentioned before, Argan Oil can work from the inside and outside. When it comes to cooking, the oil can be used as an ingredient for salads or marinates. What might surprise, there are no restrictions connected with applying Argan Oil on the outside. The product can be used for wet or dry oil hair treatment, it can be put on after or before shampooing, used as a hair finish or as an additive to regular hair masks, conditioners or shampoos. It all depends on the needs.

Can Argan Oil be used for baby care?

Given the fact that Argan Oil is declared absolutely safe, it can be applied to sensitive scalp and hair of children. There are no contraindications connected with treating infants with Argan Oil.