Evening primrose oil

Evening-primrose-oilEvening primrose oil for hair – what should you know about it?

Oenothera biennis is a small plant of yellow flowers. Even though it does not look impressive, it perfectly regenerates and nourishes both hair and scalp. Evening primrose is one of the best treatments that you can provide your hair with.

The power of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and elements responsible for the beauty and health of hair is hidden in this product. The content of linoleic acid of the omega-6 (about 75%) makes evening primrose oil ideal for damaged hair with high porosity.

Vitamin E that is contained in this oil is responsible for preventing premature hair and scalp ageing. In consequence, not only the strands but also the follicles will be strengthened. This ensure that the wisps will not fall out. Selenium, magnesium, calcium also inhibit hair loss. What is more, those elements provide strong anti-oxidising properties and take care of wisps along the entire shaft, preventing split ends.

What are the hair benefits of using evening primrose oil?

Thanks to its amazing regenerating, protecting and moisturising properties, evening primrose oil is irreplaceable in the care of damaged, extremely dry hair of high porosity.

Thanks to using evening primrose oil, you can be sure that:

  • your hair will regain proper moisture level and shine
  • hair bulbs will be strengthen, strands will start growing stronger, thicker and will stop falling out
  • hair ends will gain vitality and resilience
  • evening primrose oil will inhibit hair loss
  • you will overcome scalp diseases
  • hair will look beautiful whenever you need it
  • evening primrose oil will prevent frizz
  • your hair will not be static