Amla Oil

Amla hair oil is obtained from fruits commonly known as Indian gooseberry. They look and taste almost alike goosegog that grows in our gardens. The only difference is that amla contains more healing and caring features that our European analogue of this green fruit. What is more, amla stores definitely greater quantity of vitamins, minerals and health-preserving substances.

These precious substances include antioxidants, C vitamin, flavonoids, iron, fibre and many other elements that are responsible for improving condition of scalp and hair.

amla oilPositive action of amla hair oil makes women from all around the world reach for the product willingly. The oil has nourishing, regenerating and strengthening features. It is able to deeply moisture scalp and inner hair structure. What is more, amla oil accelerates hair growth, counteracts premature greying, breaking and hair loss. It rebuilds split ends, smooths frizzy strands and tames unruly hair. The nourishing substances included into the composition of alma oil take care of hair bulbs and follicles, providing optimal environment for proper hair functioning. Furthermore, this hair oil gifts hair with gloss and makes strands more flexible. It eliminates problem of dandruff and excessive sebum production. Additionally, this natural product relieves irritations and is characterized by antibacterial and anti-oxygenating action.

Amla hair oil can be applied as frequently as it is required by scalp and hair. In order to obtain looked-for results, it is crucial to repeat the application twice or three times a week. Basically, there are a few methods of putting on the product. For example, if ends of our hair need regeneration and nourishment, it is suggested damping them with warm water before applying the oil. In this way, the oil will be easier to distribute along hair, as it is expected to be absorbed much faster. It is important to realize that action of amla oil can be strengthened due to scalp massage. This kind of a treatment is known for boosting blood circulation in scalp dermis, it improves absorption of active substances and reinforces hair follicles. If our hair needs regeneration and nourishment, then there are two amla solutions to apply. Firstly, it is advised to use powdered amla to prepare a homemade hair mask. Secondly, a greater amount of the oil can be applied to length of hair and left on for a few hours before hair washing. Obviously, high temperature facilitates better penetration of all the precious substances amla oil is composed of. Therefore, it is suggested coating hair and scalp with a towel once the oil is applied to strands.