Macadamia oil

makadamiaMacadamia oil – what is it? What does it contain?

It has taken over the cosmetic world. Macadamia oil is extracted from the nuts of Macadamia ternifolia. It is characterized by a nice aroma and outstanding properties. One of them is its excellent absorption – once applied to hair, it penetrates inside. This quality makes macadamia oil extremely easy to use. We can be sure that all valuable components get inside the strands.

Apart from the internal action, macadamia oil creates a delicate protective layer on the surface of hair. It shields the strands from high temperatures and UV radiation.

Quick absorption is not the only thing that makes macadamia oil so commonly used in cosmetics. The oil contains group A and B vitamins, and an array of minerals. The vitamins provide rejuvenating action and delay hair ageing processes. They prevent hair loss and thinning. Essential fatty acids, included in macadamia oil, nourish hair as well as the bulbs – the source of beauty and health of your hair.

What are benefits of macadamia oil for hair?

Macadamia oil is irreplaceable while styling a hairdo. It is non-greasy, does not weigh hair down. The oil delivers bounce and shine. Thanks to macadamia oil, you will look as if you have just left a hair salon. It facilitates hairstyling and speeds up blow-drying as well as protects from high temperature. The oil also provides bulbs and scalp with repair and proper moisture. Your hair will grow beautiful and strong.