Rosemary oil

rosemary-oilRosemary is one of the most common herbs used in the kitchen. It does much more than enrich the taste of food. It is used for the extraction of rosemary oil that is the source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. The oil offers valuable healing and conditioning properties. How does it work in haircare?

The product can boast about endless properties. Rosemary oil helps to treat diabetes, enhances immunity system, prevents various diseases, has a beneficial influence on the eyes, soothes stomachache, protects from ulcers, improves the work of the liver, concentration and memory as well as nullifies the negative effects of stress. There is something more…

Rosemary oil in cosmetics

Rosemary oil is very common in cosmetics. It shows exceptional conditioning qualities. Cosmetic companies like to add it to their products e.g. anti-cellulite products as the oil brings elasticity and has warming properties. Natural rosemary oil is able to block the occurrence of wrinkles, therefore it is recommended for mature skin. Rosemary oil is an ingredient of hair growth products very often.

Natural treasure for hair

Rosemary oil can be applied to hair as often as it is used in skincare. If you use it regularly, it will make your hair look amazing and healthy all the time. It improves skin micro-circulation, therefore it:

  • strengthens hair bulbs
  • prevents hair ends from splitting,
  • provides proper moisture,
  • adds shine and smoothness,
  • facilitates styling,
  • (most of all!) speeds up hair growth,
  • eliminates dandruff and inflammation,
  • prevents loss of volume.

Using rosemary oil

You must use rosemary oil wisely in haircare. You shouldn’t apply too much to the scalp because this oil has warming qualities. When you apply it to the scalp, it is safer to mix it with some other product before the application. However, feel free to apply it to hair without any extra cosmetics.